Mark Arnold - Brass and Bronze Music
Mark Arnold - Brass and Bronze Music

Brass Quintet

Giuseppe Ottavio Pitoni, arr. Mark Arnold
Brass & Bronze Music (available through SheetMusic Plus)
From the mid-to-late baroque, Giuseppe Pitoni's setting of the opening verses of Psalm 149 was originally a choral motet for mixed voices.  In this arrangement for brass quintet, the original part writing has been preserved, with some added doubling, while the key has been changed to better suit the range of the brasses

Mark Arnold
Brass & Bronze Music (available through SheetMusic Plus)
Elegy for Brass is a short, lyrical work for brass quintet in a mildly dissonant contrapuntal style.  Usable for concert or worship settings, it provides a nice contrast and would be a great "filler" piece for a quintet performance.

Horn Quartet

Jesus Loves Me

Brass & Bronze Music (available through SheetMusic Plus)

This arrangement of the beloved children's hymn will delight your audiences or enhance your church's worship service.  Playable by a student group, but interesting enough for experienced players, with the melody passed around as the song flows through several keys. 

Ride On, King Jesus!

Brass & Bronze Music (available through SheetMusic Plus)

Ride on, King Jesus is a traditional african-american spiritual, suitable for concert or 
church performance.   Particularly appropriate for Palm Sunday and Jesus's Triumphal Entry, it can also be used referring to the text of Psalm 45:4:
"In your majesty ride forth victoriously in the cause of truth, humility and justice; 
let your right hand achieve awesome deeds."

This arrangement allows all the quartet members a chance to shine, with independent parts and quick changes between melody and harmony. 

Telemann Concerto #2 for 4 Horns

Telemann Concerto #2 for 4 Horns (1st Movement)

Brass & Bronze Music (available through SheetMusic Plus)

Originally for four violins, this unaccompanied concerto  is a delightful baroque gem!  The opening movement is in a style similar to a french overture,  with a majestic opening followed by an allegro contrapuntal section.   The second movement is slow, with cascading movement and  chains of suspensions in a haunting minor, then the final Allegro brings the piece to a rousing conclusion.  

All parts are of similar range and difficulty, and are written in treble clef.  The first movement is available separately for quartets that may not need as extensive literature.

Trumpet Trio

Be Thou My Vision

Brass & Bronze Music (available through  J. W. Pepper)

This arrangement of the Irish hymn tune "Slane" will allow your trumpets to show their lyrical side!   Most commonly associated with the text "Be Thou My Vision," it is also used with texts "Lord of all Hopefulness" and "God of Creation, All Powerful".   After a brief introduction, the tune is stated simply, then builds to a more robust verse with the 3rd part carrying the melody.   The final verse adds a rhythmic variation in 4/4 time, then concludes with a powerful finish.   

Alternate part included for F Horn to substitute for 3rd Trumpet.

Easter Fanfare - Christ the Lord is Risen Today!

Brass & Bronze Music (available through SheetMusic Plus)

This short fanfare will provide a joyful opening for your Easter Sunday services.  Based on "Christ the Lord is Risen Today," this arrangement is well within the abilities of high school trumpeters or rusty adults, and can easily be expanded by doubling parts. 

Trumpet Quartet

Telemann Concerto #2 for 4 Trumpets

Brass & Bronze Music (available through SheetMusic Plus)

Originally written for four violins, this baroque gem is now available for trumpet quartet! All four parts are of similar difficulty and each player has the opportunity to "show off" a little as the piece plays out. Within the abilities of good high school trumpeters, but interesting and challenging enough for college and professional quartets.  

First movement available as a separate download if you just want to play that movement

String Orchestra

Gloria (from the "Lord Nelson" Mass)

Brass & Bronze Music (available through My Score)

This arrangement of Haydn's classic masterpiece features the principal players of each section as it alternates between string quartet phrases and the sound of the full string orchestra. It is somewhat reminiscent of a concert grosso in style, but stays true to the original in key and overall form. Written for a middle school orchestra, the arrangement provides an opportunity to feature your more advanced players in a relatively safe way with short "group" solos while the rest of the orchestra stays engaged.   

Two Part Invention #8

Brass & Bronze Music (available through My Score)

Treat your string players to one of Bach's delightful two-part inventions! Originally written for keyboard, this lively setting is fun to play, while providing some challenge in positions and speed. The second violin part is optional; most groups will achieve a well balanced sound with all violins on the first part and viola/cello/bass carrying the lower part. Includes judicious fingerings in all parts.

Variations on a Slovakian Folk Tune

Brass & Bronze Music (available through My Score)

Originally composed for piano, this theme and variations from the original 1909 version of Bartok's "For Children" (Gyermekeknek) will provide an introduction to 20th century harmonies that is both challenging and musically satisfying. Written without key signature, the piece features mild dissonance, multiple techniques, and an exciting finish. Upper string parts can all be played in 1st position; there are a few tricky shifts in the cello and bass part, but suggested fingerings are provided. Your players and listeners will all enjoy this taste of Slovakia!